TLC Global Media is a brand pioneered by the phenomenal DJ Lady TLC and is developed for leading the way forward for the UK Music industry. The brand will build the foundation towards media and entertainment groups, by developing a portfolio of some of the best the UK musical talent has to offer. TLC Global Media is a multicultural brand that will not be limited to a single dimension.

TLC Global Media will become a world leader for UK music distribution, and also pave the way for artists to promote their talent and craft to the wider world. Starting with UK Showcase, TLC Global Media will embark on a campaign nationally through live music, and providing a platform for UK artists to shine their talent.

TLC Global Media works hard and plays hard and will always aim to do things differently to other media organisations. We will be the best at all things TLC Global Media do.

Our Aims

We aim is to build and be one of the top UK recognised, integrated global media, entertainment, events management and PR organisations for record companies and artists.  Our target will be to ensure that UK artists will be the source for supporting international music artists in the UK.

We want to be known for having a meticulous culture, striving to make each detail right. As a global media organisation, we are seeking to be a world leader for creating insight and impact for all the UK artists, producers and all clients, and sponsors associated to be part of this brand. 

TLC Global Media aims to reach across Europe and the world.