The Phenomenal Lady TLC (aka Ingrid) is the reigning Queen Selector of Lovers Rock since 2014. Since returning back to the DJing scene, I have enjoyed the pleasure of playing out across London and the home counties.


How It All Began

I began my DJ career in the 90’s on SLR Radio, with Natty B doing Drive-Time. Then I moved to Paradise Radio and retired soon after. I was given the name ‘Lady TLC’ by Hector Selector back in 1988, and more recently Mosty G from Equation Roadshows added ‘The Phenomenal’ to my DJ tag. I returned to the DJ circuit after the sad passing of my mum in 2012. Specialist, a fellow DJ colleague who was on Station FM, invited me to join him as a guest DJ on his Soca show called ‘The Seasoning’ and then offered me a position on Station FM. I joined Station FM in April 2013 doing Drive-Time every Tuesday afternoon. Then due to work commitments, I moved to Sunday afternoon sessions and created the ‘Sunday Lunch’ promoting UK Reggae. Over the 18 months, I have built my presence on the airwaves as a DJ supporting UK talent.

In 2014 I was invited by Brookie ‘Nightlife’ to participate in a competition for female DJs entitled, ‘Queen Selector of Lovers Rock’. I won the title and wanted to use this winning opportunity to influence UK Reggae as a genre.

I reconnected with Natty B, my mentor, who is part of the Studio One Syndicate. He introduced me to Studio One Syndicate, who took me into their fold as the ‘First Lady’, the title given to me by Natty B. During my time as First Lady in Studio One Syndicate, I have played and improved my DJing and mastered my craft.

Moving Forward

I have more recently begun to DJ solo in Hootananny Brixton, Higher Level, Curve Bar and Porkys Winebar. I don’t play one genre of music – I like to play a varied set from reggae, lovers’ rock, soul, slow jams and soca to entertain the crowd.

Over the past year, I have also got into the promotional side, working with record producer Digitec Productions to promote label artists in September 2015, Rob Rex & Mista Stylee on Richie Stephens showcase October 2015, and began my own promotional brand of UK Showcase, promoting UK artists in January 2016.

I have also produced my first riddim with Mista Stylee called ‘Special Thing’ with UK artists such as CiCi ATL, Karen Schloss and Harmony. What makes me stand out from the crowd is that I am unique and cannot be pigeon-holed, I am a woman in the music business. I do not allow the struggles of the music business, male DJs not recognising me and other female DJs trying to pull me down to define me. I make myself promises and will not allow myself or anything to break them. Failure is not part of my DNA but only to succeed and achieve my ultimate best and continually exceeding. When I play music, I look at and watch my crowd and try to come with something different. I want to give them a good performance and entertain them and have good interaction with them.

What’s next for me? Lady TLC is to continue with the growth of TLC Global Media to provide a universal platform for UK artists to thrive in the music industry, The UK Showcase brand is about promoting artists, both new and old, with the support of my phenomenal sponsors, and the upcoming AWSL awards, a brand of recognising the talent of the UK Reggae industry.