Not only a versatile and pioneering female DJ Lady TLC has been championing UK reggae music for decades. Her knowledge of UK Lovers Rock music since its arrival in the 70s and 80s is prolific and Lady TLC has been instrumental in keeping the genre alive by promoting longstanding artists as well as providing a platform for new and emerging artists. Lady TLC possesses true entrepreneurial skills looking to expand the reach of UK Reggae music through her own promotions/events as well as recognising and rewarding artists that are blazing a trail. Lady TLC has personally supported me over several years whether that be dedicated airtime for my music, personal appearances at events to support and give exposure or sometimes just words of encouragement guidance and direction. A true leading light in our industry who continues to break through barriers to deliver UK Reggae to the world! 

Paulette Tajah

Big up Lady TLC all the way in London England…Always supporting my music and other artists who sing quality music.

I Richie Stephens saying keep on doing what you doing my sister…Bless

Richie Stephens

Lady TLC is the first female DJ that I have found such a strong and positive, consistent, musical connection with. The support she gives is generous and immeasurable. Her award-winning Sunday lunchtime show has helped to bring my music to the ears and eyes of many and it was a great honor to receive the award for Best UK Female this year. I hope that this award show will continue to grow for years to come.


Chardel Rhoden

What can we say about Lady TLC !!!!!

Well, we can say that she is a very strong and determined woman and doesn’t give up easily.

The Phenomenal Lady TLC has supported Stevie P Music Productions from day one to the present day …

And long may it continue ….



Stevie P Music Productions

Lady TLC has been a strength to me personally since I have been blessed to fairly recently know her. 

I have received awards due to her diligence and love for the music, fully endorsing Uk and Universal Reggae in all her works DJing, Promoting and supporting the industry. Not just trying but doing !!

I am sure I am not alone in saying keep up the great works. 


Manners & Respect 

Donovan Kingjay